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Our secret sauce, our REAL story, is our culture. From the beginning, we have looked prospective clients in the eye and said, if you become a client, you will not be our first priority. Our first priority is our LetterLogic family members.

Is that crazy? Of course not! Because every day we prove that empowered, happy employees take responsibility for the success of our company. We do it because we care, because we are a first-class business with a heart. But we also do it because we want to be the BEST, and we believe being the best starts with the folks that walk through our doors every day, our people.

So how do we do it?

How do we take a group of strangers, all with independent needs and different life goals, and make them as committed as our founder and CEO? How do we create a workforce that cares about our business and wants to see it flourish and grow? You start by listening.

What do people want?

They want to be financially happy and healthy.
So we pay the top wages in our industry, provide sought after benefits like profit share, and pay 100% of their healthcare insurance costs.

They want to be heard.
So we empower them to work autonomously, reward them for their suggestions, and find opportunities for them to keep learning and growing as leaders, team builders, and experts in their field.

They want to have fun.
LetterLogic is our home away from home. So we laugh and celebrate together and compete and play. We don't take ourselves too seriously. We focus on sending home happy husbands & wives, mommies & daddies, and friends & neighbors.

That simple formula promoted LetterLogic to best in class status. Our team cares. They do what's right when no one is watching. They learn our customers' industries to help clients make better decisions. They spend free time thinking about how to make our company better or their jobs more efficient. They make smart financial decisions because it impacts the bottom line. They put quality first because it's good for their future.

We're proud to say our customers love us for it. Our culture naturally creates a terrific customer-intimacy strategy. So while we may not be the cheapest, we do provide the most value. Our client's experience is exceptional and patient connections is where we shine. If you're a client of LetterLogic, you can count on unparalleled consultative customer service. You can rely on the best quality in the industry, at the fastest turnaround times. And you will have people making decisions with you, for the betterment of your business. Why? Because when we put our people first, they put you first. It works.

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