Sherry Deutschmann

Founder & CEO

The LetterLogic story begins with Sherry. A native of Banner Elk, NC, she originally moved to Nashville to pursue her love of music, and found herself working in a lettershop. After seven years, armed with industry knowledge and a conviction that there had to be a better solution, she founded LetterLogic. Sherry has led LetterLogic through award-winning growth, while maintaining her unwavering commitment to each company employee. 

Childhood dream: To become a famous singer
Superpower she would most like to have: A perfect British accent
Family favorite: Wicked Scrabble competition

Brad Stevens

Chief Operations Officer

Brad oversees LetterLogic strategy, as well as the plans and tactics that will be utilized to achieve long- and short-term plans. With previous experience at global companies like IBM and Lexis-Nexis, Brad is adept at project management, leadership and visionary thinking. He holds an MBA and a BS in Economics from the University of Illinois, as well as specialized training from George Washington University and Kellogg School of Business.

Favorite destinations: Brad can't pick just one. His favorites include Red Square, Acropolis, the Great Wall of China and the Marina Bay area of Singapore.
Favorite food: Pizza and ice cream
Family favorite: 3-generation, NCAA basketball pool that goes back more than 30 years. Brad's family takes March Madness to another level.

Elizabeth Geist

Chief Experience Officer

Charged with a multitude of responsibilities, Elizabeth's role at LetterLogic is all-encompassing and includes oversight of all LetterLogic accounts. Her credentials include a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy, leadership training at Scarlett Leadership Institute, as well as work with NASDAQ, NYSE and Billy Graham Foundation. In addition, her eight years at LetterLogic give her refined perspective and insight to understand the unique needs of each of our clients.

First job as a kid: Selling fried chicken at Lee's Famous Recipe...Elizabeth started her customer-focused experience at an early age.
Three people - alive or dead - she would invite to dinner: Tina Fey, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake
Family favorite: Reading aloud together before bed

Jennifer Anderson

Chief Financial Officer

As CFO, Jennifer sets the financial direction for the company and tracks and reports financial progress. Her background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, as well as a Master of Accountancy and a CPA designation. Prior to joining LetterLogic five years ago, Jennifer gained experience at a Big 4 firm, where her accounts included FedEx, Mueller Industries and Noranda Aluminum.

First job as a kid: Stuffing envelopes and labeling postcards for her dad's company...preparing her for her career at LetterLogic.
Favorite piece of technology: A model of efficiency and continuous improvement, Jennifer loves to listen to podcasts while cleaning and exercising.
Family favorite: Her Christmas card book. Jennifer loves sharing it with her son to see how much they've changed over the years.

Kennon Askew

Vice President of Business Development

As VP of Business Development, Kennon is responsible for overseeing the strategic planning and execution of sales and marketing initiatives at LetterLogic. With a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, as well as seven years of experience at the company, Kennon understands what current and prospective customers expect from a business partner. He also has refined expertise in healthcare finance/revenue cycle, relationship building and networking.

Favorite gadget: Wireless headphones
Favorite destination: Santorini, Greece for its history, sunsets, architecture and breathtaking views
Family favorite: Spending time with his wife and daughter, and running with his dog

Aaron Lego

Director of PayLogic

Aaron oversees all electronic document and payment processing services for LetterLogic. He earned a Bachelor of Science from Westminster College, PA and has a Project Management Professional certification. With niche expertise in online payment systems, he understands the intricacies of clients' electronic documents and payment processing needs.

Favorite gadget: A butter slicer. He uses it to slice blocks of cheese, instead.
Favorite piece of technology: His cell phone with voice recognition
Family favorite: The annual Christmas tree...going out together, finding the perfect one and chopping it down!

Eric Hollingsworth

Director of Human Resources & Regulatory Compliance

As Director of Human Resources at LetterLogic, Eric is responsible for the company's people, culture, compliance and strategy. A graduate of Western Kentucky University with a BA in Economics, he also holds a certification in Strategic Innovation from Vanderbilt University. He garnered experience at Alfa Mutual Insurance Company and Progressive Insurance before joining LetterLogic in 2014.

First job as a kid: Working at Opryland at 14
Favorite destination: The Coliseum and Catacombs in Rome
Family favorite: Sunday dinner at mom's house

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