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unorthodox business philosophy

LetterLogic is an unusual company taking an unorthodox approach to business.

While most businesses tout the "customer always comes first" mentality, LetterLogic unabashedly puts our employees first. We believe this creates an environment that enables the team to be totally focused and engaged at work, thereby taking excellent care of the customer.

yes, employees first

What does it mean to put employees first?

First it means ensuring every employee has a voice - and that all opinions are valued and honored. It also means the best wages in the industry and an extraordinary benefits package:

  • » 10% of net profit is shared with employees bi-monthly, distributed evenly regardless of title or tenure.
  • » Health insurance is covered at 100%.
  • » Employees have financial assistance to buy their first home.
  • » We pay by the mile for walking or biking to work.
  • » We pay for the use of public transportation.
  • » Employees bring kids and pets to work when needed.

Results Indicate Philosophy Works

LetterLogic has enjoyed sustained growth in the patient communications world - enough that we have been named an Inc. 5000 company for eight consecutive years!

From our humble beginnings in our founder's basement in 2002, we've grown to more than $35 million in annual revenues, debt-free. And our bi-annual client satisfaction surveys reveal that 100% of our clients say they would highly recommend us. So it appears that our unique philosophy and strategy is effective! See what our clients say about our patient statement printing and processing services.

Our business culture has received much attention and garnered local, national and even international awards. Read recent news to learn more about these honors.


LetterLogic exists to demonstrate that you can take extraordinary care of your employees, put their needs first, and build a strong network of happy, loyal, profitable customers.


LetterLogic aims to be the model for employee-centric workplace cultures worldwide.

Core Values

LetterLogic is our home away from home.

As a family of unique individuals who care deeply about each other and our clients, we are successful because we are empowered, and we use our individual power and voices to make LetterLogic better. We make a difference because each employee breathes the following values:

  • » I care.
  • » I take responsibility.
  • » I embrace change.
  • » I make work fun.

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