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As a complement to LetterLogic's printing and mailing service, PayLogic is a centralized payment and notification system. PayLogic presents PDF statements electronically and securely, notifies consumers securely through email or text, and allows users to submit and negotiate payments.

One Hub for Consumers and Healthcare Providers

PayLogic saves time and headaches by offering a centralized portal where consumers can access medical statements from multiple providers. For instance, they can view statements from their provider and physician in one convenient location as long as both accounts can be linked with the same master account number.

Additionally, PayLogic notifies consumers in whatever way works for them - print, voice, email or text - safely and securely. And it allows them to make self-service payments via credit card, HSA card, electronic check and more. Consumers can also negotiate and set up payment plans that work within their budget. This helps ensure providers are paid in full.

PayLogic allows you to capture payments through a self-service Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Consumers are able to call a phone number and make payments on their own, reducing your needs for staff assistance. All of these IVR transactions can be viewed and managed through the PayLogic reporting section with transactions completed through other consumer and staff payment channels.

Process & Capture Internal Payments

Providers and RCMs use PayLogic to process payments over the counter and/or process payments received over the phone - all through one product and one interface. In addition, staff can monitor and track daily payments through a central location.

Send Batch Emails and/or SMS

PayLogic offers the ability to capture patient communication consent through email or SMS. Once captured, this information is stored so providers can send receipts and payment reminders, as well as send one-time or batch messages. You have complete control of the process.

Here's how it works:

  1. Create template message(s) to meet your needs.
  2. Upload a contact list.
  3. Merge the contacts and template to create a campaign.
  4. Schedule the message to be sent.
  5. Receive detailed delivery statistics showing which messages were opened and read.

paylogic features:

  • PayLogic minimizes your risk and exposure to maintain PCI Compliancy. No data is stored locally, and the virtual terminal manages all phone and over-the-counter payments.
  • Payments are processed in real-time, reducing staff payment processing time and shortening your revenue cycle. Also, the ability to see multiple statement balances at once and set up individual or group payment arrangements adds collection value.
  • PayLogic utilizes Saas technology meaning you just need a web browser to access it from your PC or MAC desktop, mobile device or tablet.
  • If you're a Revenue Cycle Management company and you need a site that can process payments for bad debt as well as Early-Out, PayLogic is perfect for you.
  • The portal offers multiple opportunities to acquire consent for email or SMS communication. Once consent is captured, you can drive traffic to a PDF version of the statement, eliminating the postage cost.
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Consumer Benefits

  • » Access electronic, PDF statements.
  • » Link and display multiple accounts.
  • » View current balance details.
  • » Make a payment in full or set up a payment schedule.
  • » Receive payment reminders in a preferred delivery method.

Healthcare Partner / Provider Benefits

  • » Modify ALL portal content.
  • » Use your merchant services account or leverage our alliance partner services.
  • » Configure payment plan tier models for self service.
  • » Access setup and modify outgoing email text.
  • » Configure site look & feel (logo and colors) or white label the product as your own.
  • » Secure setup and processing of one time and recurring payment arrangements.
  • » Utilize centralized reporting.

did you know?

  • » 19% of patients delay payments because of limited payment options. 1
  • » 70% of consumers prefer the self-service option.2
  • » 74% of millennials prefer to receive paperless bill statements. 2

1 McKinsey & Co. Survey
2 "Consumer Bill Payment Trends" Western Union

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