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happy employees & loyal customers

If you've read the About Us section, you already know that we have a very unusual culture at LetterLogic - and that we believe the employees come first. And you can probably see how this kind of culture would breed happy employees and loyal customers.

So, the reasons you should choose us are...

Jaw-dropping service

Yeah, I know...every company claims to have great service, so this is where you must take the time to read the accolades from our customers, or better, just ask for a list of our customers and call them directly. You'll hear them gush about our responsiveness. You'll hear them refer to us as "true partners." You'll hear them talk about their dedicated account manager by first name and how they are often so delighted with the service that they actually send flowers, gifts, and love letters to us!

Guaranteed Delivery

With LetterLogic, you pay only for documents that get delivered! We're the only statement/letter company that guarantees delivery or your money back. Yes, if we mail a document for you and it is returned as undeliverable, we issue a full refund - including postage! Our goal is to get your documents delivered, not just "in the mail." We guarantee it.

Complete Patient Connections

From full-color dynamic statements to email, text and IVR technology that drive patients to make secure payments or set up a personalized payment plan, LetterLogic allows the patient to receive communications from you in their preferred method, whether that's by text email, or USPS. These interactions enhance patient satisfaction, cement patient loyalty, and drive quicker access to cash for hospitals and the companies that serve them.

Fastest Delivery in the Business

Do you ever wonder why you send a file to your vendor on Monday, and they claim to have mailed it Tuesday, but it doesn't get delivered until Friday or even the following Monday? The reason it takes so long is that most use a third party to presort and mail. This means the mail leaves their facility and travels sometimes hundreds of miles where it is unloaded and resorted, and then reloaded and transported to the USPS, unnecessarily adding several days to your revenue cycle.

At LetterLogic, we do all the commingling and presorting ourselves and your mail is into the USPS system by 7 PM every day. So, if we get a file from you on Monday, the USPS has that document en route for delivery on Tuesday, and most mail will be received by the consumer on Wednesday! If those 2-3 days matter to your cash flow, you want LetterLogic.

The Secret Sauce

What's the secret sauce? It all comes back to our culture. We take great care of our employees so they, in turn, take great care of you. Your dedicated account manager will be devoted to you and your business needs, and you'll begin to view them as an extension of your own team.

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  • » Inc 5000 company 8 consecutive years
  • » Recognized by New York Times, July 2014, for our winning culture
  • » Business Leaders, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and Success Magazine have all written about our company culture and/or quoted our CEO.
  • » 2013 Winner Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame honor for our Founder and CEO Sherry Deutschmann
  • » 2013 Winner, 'Best in Business Awards' - Nashville Business Journal

"Ms. Deutschmann believed she could build a better company by building a better company culture. If employees had more reason to care, she believed, it would translate to better performance."


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